moving meditations

Calm your anxiety, settle your mind, and lift your mood with these three easy Moving Meditations.

  1. Quiet Your Anxious Mind
  2. Cool the Fire of Agitation
  3. Energize Your Sluggishness

Practice the sequences for full effect, or choose your favorite movements to focus your day with a mindful break. No special clothing or equipment is needed.

“Jean has expertly created simple movement sequences that bring relief to our clients struggling with anxiety and depression. This CD is perfect for anyone seeking to dissolve anxiety, settle an agitated mind, or lift their mood with powerful, easy-to-learn everyday tools.” -Dr. Henry Emmons, author of The Chemistry of Joy, The Chemistry of Calm, and Staying Sharp.

Jean Fraser specializes in movement-based classes, workshops, and professional training that calm anxiety and ease tension and stress. © Jean Fraser

Cover photo: Tom Wik