About Jean Fraser

Founder of Soma Ventures

Jean offers movement-based classes and programs that tame stress, dissolve anxiety, and provide empowerment, peace, and hope.

Jean is a member of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association.

Clients Include:
  • Dr. Henry Emmons - Jean provides the Yoga component of the Pathways to Resilience courses offered by Henry Emmons and Partners in Resilience.
  • George Family Foundation Catalyst Initiative
  • City of Eagan ~ Senior Living Project
  • Sand Creek Group ~ Employee Assistance Program

Fun facts & details about Jean’s path - The “moving diary”

1981-1994 New York: Somatic Movement Education, Massage Therapy and Bodywork licensing & practice.
1994 - 1999 Twin Cities: Yoga w/Faye Berton
1999: Kripalu Yoga Teaching Certification
2001 – 2010: Annual advanced yoga study/teacher training w/Donna Farhi.
1999 - Present: Founded Soma Yoga; Teaching classes,
workshops & retreats
2008 – Present: Founded Soma Ventures; Offering Mindful Movement trainings to organizations & health care professionals
2011 – Present: Fluid Strength Yoga study with Faye Berton

Jean Fraser