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Do you long to find lasting and reliable relief from symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma?



Are you a health care provider who would love to have fresh and effective tools to help your clients resolve these symptoms?


Health and Vitality

Are you seeking an effective and consistent way to promote health and vitality and cultivate peace?


At Soma Ventures you will find the evidence-based tools to:

Relieve physical tension and pain

Settle your agitated and busy mind

Increase energy and focus

Help you live the life you were meant to live

Free audio - guided relaxation session with Jean Fraser

lucy relaxed
Relaxation pose works beautifully to release physical and mental tension.
Here’s how:
Lie down. Get comfortable. Keep warm. You might choose Constructive Rest Position.
A chime will ring at the end of the 15 minute session, and you will be guided out of the pose.
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