Give Peace a Chance

Mindful Movement ~ Dissolve Stress in Minutes

Unaddressed anxiety and stress zap energy, impair focus and concentration, and leave us feeling depleted. What would your life be like if you had simple tools that you could use anywhere, anytime, that would:

· Lift your mood

· Increase energy and focus

· Relieve pain

· Improve sleep

By engaging body and breath, Mindful Movement ~ Dissolve Stress in Minutes teaches how to reliably find comfort and peace through easy movements and simple mindful exercises.

This 60 minute training includes presentation, brief discussion, gentle movements done standing or seated in a chair, and a practical plan for home practice.

Contact Jean about offering this training for your organization or group.


“What a great way to end our year focusing on self-care. I know I will remember some of these tools when I am frenzied.”

“Great topic and great presentation. I will definitely apply some of the things I learned in this session. Thank you!”

“Even the pacing of the presentation was right, and gave me the opportunity to slow down.”

Mindful Movement for You

Reduce the impact of stress in your life by meeting privately with Jean. She will develop a Mindful Movement practice tailored to your individual needs.

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Mindful ~ Movement Professional Training

A Hands-on Training for Health Care Professionals & Providers

Minnesota BOSW approved CEUs available with this training!

  • Do you serve clients struggling with anxiety, stress, and the effects of trauma?
  • Do you wish you had the hands-on skills to help them on the spot to ease their distress and pain?
  • Would you love to be able to guide your clients from chaos to calm when an upset occurs and affects others in your group or therapeutic milieu?

This program is for you if you want to offer your clients fresh and effective skills that will last a lifetime.


Mindful ~ Movement is a bodymind modality you can learn that will help your clients heal, restore them to balance, and provide them with emotional regulation skills.

  • The hands-on tools offered in this training are very accessible. Movements are gentle, easy-to-learn, and are done either standing or sitting in a chair.
  • No previous experience or training in movement or Yoga is necessary to learn and employ these evidence-based tools.

Contact Jean to arrange for your free consultation to discover if this program is right for you.


“A gentle accessible training to support integrating movement into our program. Thanks - so excellent.” -Sandra Kacher MSW, LICSW

“Your workshop validated the benefit of bringing this type of healing into my groups, and one of my favorite moments was when I looked out at the audience and saw so many smiling faces as you were leading the training. Much gratitude” -Rita Letsos, Chemical Dependency Counselor

“Warm… accessible… organized… elegant. I love how you have personalized this to fit our model and meet our clients where they are.” Henry Emmons MD, Integrative Psychiatrist