“Mindful Movement ~ Dissolve Stress in Minutes”

A Training with Jean Fraser

Cumulative stress robs us of our energy, clouds our perceptions, and greatly impacts our well being. When stress reactions become chronic, occasional headaches becomes an everyday occurrence and muscle tension turns into chronic pain. Impaired focus affects work satisfaction and performance, and disturbed sleep creates fatigue and a lackluster outlook on life.

By employing research-based yoga techniques,“Mindful Movement ~ Dissolve Stress in Minutes” provides valuable tools to lessen the impact of cumulative stress.

Cultivate stability, calm and balance with movement-based skills that will:

Eliminate stress at its root by normalizing levels of cortisol – “the stress hormone”
Increase energy and focus with simple mindful exercises
Relieve physical tension and pain
Improve sleep

This 60 minute training includes presentation, brief discussion, gentle movements done standing or seated in a chair, and a practical plan for home practice.

Participant Comments:

“What a great way to end our year focusing on self-care. I know I will remember some of these tools when I am frenzied.”

“Great topic and great presentation. I will definitely apply some of the things I learned in this session. Thank you!”

“Even the pacing of the presentation was right, and gave me the opportunity to slow down.”

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Mindful ~ Movement for Healing Trauma
A Hands-on Training for Providers
With Jean Fraser

  • Do you serve clients struggling with anxiety, stress and the effects of trauma?
  • Do you wish you had the hands-on skills to help them on the spot to ease their distress and pain?
  • Would you love to be able to guide your clients from chaos to calm when an upset occurs and affects others in your group or therapeutic milieu?

This program is for you if you want to offer your clients fresh and effective skills that will last a lifetime.

The medicine is movement.
Mindful ~ Movement is a bodymind modality you can learn that will help your clients heal from trauma, restore them to balance, and provide them with emotional regulation skills. You will find yourself applying the tools you’ve learned in this training over and over, improving the lives of your clients, while simultaneously tending to your own well being.

• The hands-on tools offered in this training are very accessible. Movements are gentle, easy-to-learn, and are done either standing or sitting in a chair.

• No previous experience or training in movement disciplines is necessary to learn and employ these evidence-based tools for resolving trauma.

• The techniques in this training will reduce your stress levels, while simultaneously helping the populations that you serve.

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